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2024 New Collagen Boost Anti-Aging serum

2024 New Collagen Boost Anti-Aging serum

 (769 Reviews)

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Regular price $23.99 Sale price $378.00
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2024  New Collagen Boost Anti-Aging serum

2024 New Collagen Boost Anti-Aging serum

 (769 Reviews)
Regular price $23.99
Regular price $23.99 Sale price $378.00
SAVE 93% Sold out

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🔥The entire process of permanent wrinkle removal in 3 minutes


The American formula that conquered
Hollywood is now available in Singaporean!

Reduce the appearance of
wrinkles in the first days.

By completely renewing the skin, the part
of the skin that suffers from the effects of
time is renewed, which helps reduce
wrinkles and expression lines. You can
look years younger.

You age slower

DI.Lucel Serum accelerates cell renewal
and makes your skin look younger and
healthier as the years go by. Stop worrying
about the negative changes that come with
age - try it and feel more confident and
attractive every day.Don't let age define
your appearance - discover a new,
younger version of yourself

Reduces 91.2%of skin impurities

Daily use of Dl.Lucel Skin can rebuild
damaged skin, allowing cell renewal to
take place. DI.Lucel Pele fights the
accumulation of melatonin and lightens the
skin within a few weeks of use and even
fights melasma.

Deep Dl.Lucel,
instant healthy look.

DI.Lucel Skin Grade 2 Serum’s exclusive
PEG-8 complex accelerates cell renewal
so your old skin cells can be replaced with
youthful, radiant cells. Imagine your aging
process slowed down significantly and
looking younger every day!

Firmness and elasticity

You want a firm, elastic and sagging skin?
Believe me, it is absolutely possible!
Imagine feeling the suppleness and
firmness of your youthful skin again,
without the saggy, sluggish feeling and
without the feeling of tiredness.

Discover the active
ingredients that make your
skin radiant and healthy!

A substance that helps the skinproduce more collagen, animportant protein that keeps the skinfirm and healthy. lt also hasanti-inflammatory properties thathelp soothe the skin and reduce

Nano retinol is an advanced form ofvitamin A. lt has many benefits forthe skin, including reducing finelines and wrinkles, improving skintexture and shine, and reducing theappearance of enlarged pores. lt isalso effective in treating acne andpreventing new breakouts.

The main function of hyaluronic acidis to fill the gaps between the dermisand epidermis, smoothing wrinklesand expression lines and making theskin look young and healthy.

Plant collagen helps improve skinelasticity, reduce the appearance ofwrinkles and fine lines and promote DL.Lucel and regeneration of theskin.Because collagen is animportant component of theextracellular matrix of the skin, whichis responsible for keeping the skinfirm and resistant.

Niacinamide is an essentialB-complex vitamin and has manybenefits for the skin: it stimulatescell renewal, helps even out skintone, is an antioxidant, prevents skiaging and helps control excessiveoiliness

Pomegranate Seed Extract
Pomegranate seed extract hasanti-inflammatory and antibacterialproperties and can be beneficial foracne sufferers. Pomegranate seedextract fights the marks left byblackheads and pimples, helpseliminate acne-causing bacteria andcontrols oiliness.


PEG-8 Complex is an exclusive formulathat combines a variety of scientificallyselected ingredients to provide benefits to theskin.This formula contains a combination ofmoisturizing agents,antioxidants,pHregulators and purifying ingredients that helpkeep skin healthy,balanced and protected

PEG-8Complex" ingredients includenicotinamide,hyaluronic acid, glycerin,pomegranate extract, resveratrol and retinolThese ingredients are widely known for theirmoisturizing,antioxidant,anti-inflammatory and

anti-aging properties and help improve theoverall appearance of the skin, reduce finelines and wrinkles, prevent dark spots andpromote a more radiant and healthyappearance.

In summary, PEG-8 Complex is anexclusive formula that combines a variety ofscientifically selected ingredients to providebenefits to the skin and keep it healthy.balanced and protected.

Have you ever bought something that didnot meet your expectations? Well then
With Dl.Lucel Skin it's different: eitheryou're thrilled with the results... or we"l!take back all the bottles for the sameamount you paid!
Just send an email or contact us viaWhatsApp to talk to our support team.
Then let us know that you want to claimyourDl.Lucel Pele guarantee and we willrefund 100% of the amount youinvested.No questions asked, no redtape and no hassle.
This guarantee is valid for 30 calendardays. Since the product providesimmediate results, this is more thanenough time for you to evaluatewhether you want to keep it.
If you exceptionally do not like anythingabout the product, even the color, justsend us an email to ...... This is ourpromise to you.
So order now. You have absolutelyNOTHING to lose and a lot to gain.

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